Fluid in the Knee, Baker’s Cyst

Humorously it is often said that when God created humans, one of the body parts to which He had less patience was certainly the knee, as it is one of those ‘elements’ with which, especially as time passes, perhaps the most problems arise. The sensation is likely familiar to many people: the back of the […]

What is carpal tunnel syndrome and what can be done about it?

Although not so uncommon, it has only recently started to gain recognition, this interestingly named disease with insidious symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be characterized by numbness in the fingers and intense pain in the hand or possibly in the arm. This pain can escalate to unbearable level and in extreme cases, lead to irreversible […]

Causes of patellar dislocation

A térdkalács elmozdulása veszélyes és kellemetlen szövődményekhez vezethet, így fontos, hogy megfelelően óvjuk ezt az igencsak sérülékeny ízületünket.

The knee is one of the largest and, at the same time, most vulnerable joints in our body. Its primary function is to establish a load-bearing connection between our tibia and femur. The patella (kneecap), even during the most ordinary movements, is subjected to extremely high stress – just think of activities like walking, squatting, […]

Thumb injuries

Perhaps we would not even think about it, but the thumb is exposed to various types and origins of injuries, such as arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, etc. Most of them typically involve significant pain, swelling, and intense inflammation. Since the thumb plays an irreplaceable role in gripping, such diseases can make everyday tasks, like writing or […]

Risk of deep vein thrombosis with limited mobility

A súlyosabb mozgásszervi megbetegedések, a mozgásszegény életmód, és az ülő munka egyaránt a mélyvénás trombózis gyakori kockázati tényezőihez sorolandóak.

Anyone facing more serious musculoskeletal issues, whether it be a leg or pelvic fracture or even spinal surgery that confines them to bed for extended periods permanently depriving them  of the ability to move, is unfortunately at an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis. However, those at risk also include individuals who engaged in sedentary […]

Intense limb pain – it could also be Periostitis

Have you ever experienced going for a run but after a few laps felt such a sharp, intense pain around one of your shinbones that you had to immediately stop your workout, and even walking back home was a challenge? During intense physical activity, it is not uncommon for the delicate tissue surrounding the bone, […]

What is an indoor cycle bike good for?

A szobakerékpár segítségével rendszeresen végzett testedzések alkalmával számos izomcsoport összehangolt munkája történik, mely fejleszti a test állóképességét.

Indoor cycling is a highly versatile form of exercise, regardless of age or gender, and is also an excellent rehabilitation tool for arthritis.  Let’s explore which muscles can be strengthened with its use as well as the other beneficial effects it brings to the body. Additionally, we will discuss what precautions to take before getting […]

What is the difference between acute and chronic pain?

It matters whether the pain is a response to some clear external stimulus or if it emerges seemingly out of nowhere. There are various types of pain based on when it occurs and how long it exists. During medical examinations we often come across expressions such as acute, chronic, or recurrent pain. Let’s explore what […]

How can chondromalacia (cartilage softening) be treated?

A kellemetlen fájdalommal járó porclágyulás leggyakrabban a térdízületekben alakul ki. Az elkerülés érdekében érdemes szakértőktől tájékozódni a megelőzésről.

Cartilage softening is the gradual alteration of the cartilage structure, leading to pains that can turn everyday tasks into significant challenges. Serious inflammations and conditions related to cartilage softening most commonly develop in the knee joint. What can be done to counteract this?