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For active life

Who does Actimove help?

It is essential to protect knee, ankle, and elbow during everyday sports activities.

If everyday tasks are stressful Actimove helps you feel safe.

Comfortable, well-ventilated, and skin-friendly protection for those who fear nothing!


For everyday use

Wrist Stabilizer Carpal

Actimove® Carpalis Wrist Stabilizer may alleviate the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. The anatomical design of the compression wrist stabilizer maintains your wrist in the correct position with helping to reduce pain, particularly during computer use.


For sport activities

Knee Support with open patella design

Knee support for alleviating kneecap pain in case of minor sports injuries. Use for preventing knee injuries, minor ligament strains, sprains, bruises, minor meniscus injuries, and in cases of swelling.

Other Actimove products

The Actimove

For us, it doesn’t matter if it is about a marathon race, recovering from a previous injury, a busy workday at the office or the most adventurous playground challenge.

Actimove’s goal is to be there and provide safety and comfortable protection where it is necessary.

We are committed to reducing the pain and providing support with internationally recognised products that provide care for all generations. For children, adults and the elderly alike.

It is great when there is no pain!

Where can you find Actimove products?

Actimove products are available at numerous points across the country, including pharmacies, medical equipment stores and many online stores.

Actimove - Move more effortlessly every day (Experience smoother movement every day)

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