Wrist Stabilizer Carpal

Actimove® Carpalis Wrist Stabilizer may alleviate the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. The anatomical design of the compression wrist stabilizer maintains your wrist in the correct position  with helping to reduce pain, particularly during computer use.

Wrist stabilizer with palm rest

The Actimove® Carpalis Wrist Stabilizer equipped with a palm rest provides a comfortable hand position while you work. Its open design allows full finger mobility ensuring that it does not hinder you in work. Moreover, thanks to its universal shape you can wear it on both hands.

Gentle medical device

Thanks to its skin-friendly, neoprene- and latex-free material, you can comfortably use the wrist stabilizer in your everyday life.

Make your everyday life more convenient

You can alleviate the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome for 30-180 minutes during the application. This helps to keep the muscles around your wrist in good condition while using the medical device. All-day wear is only recommended with medical prescription. Wearing the products during rest periods is not recommended unless otherwise advised by your medical practitioner. Excessive use may weaken the muscles and impair their stabilising and holding functions. The wrist stabiliser is hand washable.

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