SPORT Knee Support with open patella

Rehabilitate and protect your injured knee with the easy-to-apply Actimove® SPORT compression knee support, designed to leave the patella open. This knee support provides uniform therapeutic heat to the knee, helping to relieve pain and promote recovery in the following situations:

Knee support that your knee will thank you for

The Actimove® Knee Support, designed with an open patella, offers stable compression for addressing knee concerns. This unique design minimizes pressure on the kneecap, thereby alleviating discomfort and reducing strain on the potentially inflamed joint.

Your skin can breathe under the knee support

Crafted with COOLMAX AIR technology, the neoprene and latex-free fabric helps sweat wick away and allows your skin to breathe. This is how knee support promotes comfortable movement and keeps your skin dry while you exercise.

Knees can be kept strong

Knee support should be used for the duration of your exercise or your workout to help the muscles around your knees maintain their strength. Wearing it all day or during sleep is only advised with medical prescription. Wearing the product at night and during rest periods is not recommended unless otherwise advised by a healthcare practitioner. Excessive use may weaken the muscles and impair their stabilising and holding function. Washing at 40 °C is recommended.

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35,5-40,5 cm

40,5-46 cm

46-51 cm

51-56 cm

To select the appropriate size for you, measure the circumference of your thigh 10 cm above the kneecap with your knee bent at a 120° angle.