SPORT Ankle Support

Actimove® SPORT Ankle Support can help alleviate ankle pain from sports injuries. We recommend this medical aid, offering balanced compression and consistent warmth.

Skin-friendly ankle support

Made with special COOLMAX AIR technology, it helps your skin breathe while worn and plays a significant role in wicking away sweat. To protect your skin and keep it dry during exercise, the ankle support is crafted from neoprene and latex-free materials.

Ankle support acts where it hurts

The open heel design allows the compression effect to be targeted specifically to the therapeutic area of the ankle. The thinned material ensures a snug fit around your ankle, keeping it securely in place at all times.

Take it with you to your training sessions!

To maintain your fitness, we recommend wearing it only during your physical activity, unless your healthcare specialist advises permanent use. Wearing the product at night and during rest periods is not recommended unless advised otherwise by your doctor. Excessive use may weaken the muscles and impair their stabilizing and holding function. The ankle support is washable at 40 °C.

A sarkat szabadon hagyó Actimove® Sport bokatámasz sportolóknak tervezett modell, mely viselése közben szinte észrevehetetlen ezzel támogatva a teljesítményt.

Item number











20-24 cm

24-28 cm

28-32 cm

32-37 cm

To select the appropriate size for you, measure the circumference of your ankle just above the ankle bone.