SPORT Ankle Stabilizer

With Actimove® SPORT Ankle Stabilizer, you can treat and alleviate the pain of ankle injuries resulting from sport activities. The ankle stabiliser offering compression and consistent warmth to the ankle is recommended for the following situations:

Stability for your ankle

The ankle stabilizer provides pain relief by fitting snugly around your ankle thanks to its slim, snug-fitting design. The circular strap over the ankle offers additional support for enhanced stability during sports activities. The Sport Ankle Stabilizer achieves this by preventing the ankle joint from moving during exercise.

The Ankle Stabilizer gentle on your skin, protects your ankles

Crafted with innovative COOLMAX AIR technology, its neoprene- and latex-free fabric protects your skin while assisting in sweat absorption. Thanks to the open heel its compression effect specifically targets the therapeutic-grade surface of your ankle.

Wearing ankle stabilizers with fit ankles!

To maintain the fitness of your ankles it is recommended to wear the stabilizer only during movement otherwise your muscles may weaken. Wearing the product at night and during rest periods is not recommended, unless otherwise advised by your healthcare practitioner. Excessive use may weaken the muscles and impair their stabilising and holding function. Washable at 40 °C.

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