Elbow Support

The Actimove® Elbow Support offers stable compression to address pain associated with various elbow conditions. This comfortable and durable elbow support can assist with the following disorders:

Stable elbow support

The elbow support is anatomically designed to stabilise your elbow in order to control pain. Its spiral design provides adequate compression for stable support and promotes recovery.

Pain can be replaced by comfort

The medical device is constructed from durable and stable materials utilizing  soft, latex- and cotton-free fabric for your utmost comfort.  You can easily slip into it and it can be used on both arms.

Use it during your everyday routine

The recommended use of the elbow support is typically 30-180 minutes; however in acute circumstances it can be worn all throughout the entire day and night if recommended by your therapist. Wearing the product at night and during rest periods is not recommended, unless otherwise advised by your healthcare practitioner. Prolonged use may weaken the muscles and impair their stabilising and holding functions.

Item number











20-23 cm

23-26 cm

26-29 cm

29-32 cm

To select the appropriate size for you, measure the circumference of your slightly bent elbow at the widest part of the joint in the elbow crease.