Actimove® / Kids

Adjustable Elbow Support for Kids

The Actimove® Adjustable Elbow Support for Kids is a therapeutic aid designed to provide the necessary compression and heat effects for recovery. The Actimove Adjustable Elbow Support for Kids is recommended in the following cases:

Premium Adjustable Elbow Support

The Actimove® Adjustable Elbow Support is made from high quality neoprene and latex-free material to protect the skin as well as the elbow, while providing a comfortable recovery.

Easy to use Adjustable Elbow Support

Your child can pick up the elbow support in moments thanks to its snap-in design and individually adjustable construction.

Your child's trusted partner in training

You can use the Actimove® Adjustable Elbow Support even during your workouts and exercises. In acute cases, the device can be worn throughout the day. It is not recommended to wear the product at night or during rest periods unless otherwise advised by your healthcare practitioner. Excessive use may weaken the muscles and impair their stabilising and holding functions. Hand washable.

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16,5-19 cm

To check the size, measure the circumference of your child’s slightly bent elbow at its widest part.